People are First and Foremost

My offices, Hélène Descarreaux, Notary, are located in Sherbrooke (Quebec*) and have been in operation since 2002. Having previously worked for nearly ten years in a traditional bilingual practice, I have had ample occasion to explore the multiple facets of my profession before engaging in my current practice. I now specialize in the areas of protection of the person and protection in case of incapacity, areas that are much closer to my personal affinities.

In 1999, I obtained the required accreditation to work on cases related to the protection of the person, including homologation of a mandate (power of attorney**), tutorship (legal guardianship**) by procedure before notary. This has now become the focus of my practice along with the drafting of wills and mandates, and the settlement of estates.

Throughout the years, I have developed an expertise recognized by my peers that I enrich annually through specialized professional development activities. In addition, I am required, as all notaries have been since 2008, to complete approximately thirty hours of course work every two years.

The First Interview

Whatever your needs, an initial interview of approximately one hour is required to assess your particular situation and outline various options. In our first meeting, I will explain in detail how I will proceed in terms of approach and contractual arrangements.

To schedule an appointment, please go to the Contact Information section.

* Do you live outside of Quebec?

For more information about the characteristics of the notarial profession in Quebec, please visit the section, Notaries in Quebec, of the Notary Chamber of Quebec’s website. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me for further clarification.

** Terminology included for readers unfamiliar with the Quebec legal system.